CDP donates lab ventilator to local hospital

Cambridge Design Partnership has donated a reconditioned ventilator to Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to help save lives in the Covid-19 emergency.

The ventilator was used to develop and test innovative ventilator accessories in-vitro, in CDP’s test labs, as part of CDP’s medical device development programs.

“When the Covid-19 pandemic started, we decided to see if our lab ventilator could be brought back into clinical use,” says Jez Clements, CDP partner.

“It’s an old model that was the mainstay of the NHS for many years and is no longer manufactured, but in the current emergency situation we knew it could be a lifesaver.”

The ventilator was used to develop innovative humidification systems that ensure the air passed into a patient’s lungs is fully saturated with water vapour. This is essential as ventilated patients breathe through an endotracheal tube that bypasses the nose and throat, which are the body’s natural humidification system. “We were looking at new ways to increase humidification to make long term ventilation more tolerable to weak patients, while avoiding any condensation in the ventilator tubing. This unwanted side effect can lead to unacceptable bacterial growth and the potential for ventilator acquired pneumonia,” says Jez.

CDP mechanical engineer Erik Williams arranged for the ventilator to be reconditioned and tested so it was safe for clinical use. 

“Luckily, the manufacturer still supports the model and was able to replace the necessary parts to bring it back to clinical use along with the paperwork that meant the NHS could accept it immediately.”

“We delivered the ventilator to Royal Papworth Hospital and they were pleased to see the model again, as staff are still familiar with it, so training will not be a major issue and it can go straight to work” says Erik.

“We are only too happy to be able to help out. Everyone here at CDP is delighted that our lab ventilator can be of use at this crucial time.”

Using their expertise in designing medical devices, staff at CDP are currently working on several projects related to the Coronavirus epidemic. The company is working on a major project to expand Covid-19 testing as well as supporting the NHS Visors project to manufacture emergency Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

“Everyone here at CDP is highly motivated to help out at this difficult time,” says Jez Clements.

“Team morale is very high and we are offering our experience and knowledge of the medical device industry to help fight the virus in several different ways. Colleagues have been working at weekends and evenings. We are all going the extra mile to support the NHS get through this pandemic.”

For further information, please contact: Andrea Cotton